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DELO utilizes advanced machining technology and precision measuring equipment to insure product integrity and reliability throughout our Global manufacturing processes.

Over 300 pieces of primary machining equipment provide competitive and diverse options for our customers.

Equipment List

CNC  Eurotech, Mazaak, Mori Seiki, Romi, Haas
Swiss  Citizen, Star, Tsugami, Miyano
Multi-Spindle Acme-Gridley, Davenport, New Britain
Single Spindles Brown & Sharpe
Secondary Machines           Brothers, Universal Auto, Bridgeport, Grinding, Tappers, Threaders
Rotary Transer Middle Indexer
Quality Vision Systems, 100% Inspection, CMM, Salt Spray

Product Gallery by Machine


The Davenport multi-spindle screw machine is the fastest and most versatile screw machine on the market. They are light weight and used to manufacture smaller size, mid to high volume, precision components for all industries.

Max Bar Capacity Length  # of Spindles Pieces/Hr Quantities   Tolerances
 3/4" Rd.  Up to 4"  5  800-2000  20K-10MM  +/-.001"

Acme Gridley & New Britain multi-spindle screw machines are used to manufacture larger components, as compared to the Davenport machines. These machines are also used to produce mid to high volume components for all industries. They are typically used for products that require larger depth of cuts and more rigid machine bases.

Max Bar Capacity Length  # of Spindles Pieces/Hr Quantities   Tolerances
 2 3/8" Rd.  Up to 6"  6 or 8  200-900  10K-4MM  +/-.001"


Our multi-axis, CNC Swiss screw machines are utilized to manufacture the most difficult, close tolerance products. They are extremely versatile and highly capable in smaller diameter, low to high volume parts. The use of Swiss machines allows complex parts with larger length to diameter ratios to be completed in one machine set-up, thus eliminating costly secondary operations. These machines are used in many different industries and have become known for their support of the Medical and Aerospace Industries.

Max Bar Capacity Length  # of Spindles Pieces/Hr Quantities   Tolerances
 1"  Up to 20"  1  25-300  100-500K



Our multi-axis, CNC machines are used to manufacture larger more complex components in low to mid volumes. CNC’s are excellent for rapid set-ups. They are capable of holding very tight tolerances and superb surface finishes, while utilizing multiple tools at the same time.

Max Bar Capacity Length  # of Spindles Pieces/Hr Quantities   Tolerances
 3 1/2" Rd.  Up to 12"  1  20-150  100-100K